Aries is the name of one of the Hungarian hive. The hive is an enclosed structure where Hungarians live, grow and reproduce. The hive houses anywhere from 200 to 500 Hungarians at any one time, depending on the size. What makes Aries special is that it is largest hive currently documented housing somewhere between 1000 and 3000 Hungarians. Because only Hungarians can access the hive few have seen the inside. Hives are built using the shedded exoskeletons of the Hungarians, trash, and a silk substance that is secreted by the female Hungarians. With all the parts woven together the hive is an amazing structure that is sturdy and almost unmovable. When a hive becomes crowded the Hungarians will expand the hive to increase the space or will migrate and create a new hive. This process usually takes a few months.

Aries was initially built in 15 AC, mainly as a way to house larva from outside predators. After a few years it became colonized and began to house the Hungarians themselves. Because of the safety and stability of the hive it became a trait that all Hungarian pairs learn at an early age. With a new housing technique hives began showing up more and more often. As hives are not the prettiest things to look at surrounding colonies normally attack them or are upset, wanting nothing to do with the Hungarians.

In 489 AC the Aries Hive fell under attack by surrounding colonies after the expansion of the hive began to move north into Caleb’s Point. What the colonies didn’t know is that the Hungarians, alongside their hive, had an underground section of their hive that tunneled all the way underneath Caleb’s Point. These tunnels, known as the Aries Line, offered a surprise attack and almost helped the Hungarians defeat the colonies. In the end the Hungarians were defeated, their hive destroyed and their leader killed. Left with nothing they began to rebuild their hive, keeping it smaller to prevent another attack. Instead they move down and not outward. The colonist gloat of their victory of the Battle of Caleb’s Point and Hungarians don’t welcome visitors to their hives, killing anyone within 100 feet on sight.


15 AC – 489 AC: Rydon Blitz
489 AC – Present: Phoenix Omega


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