Rydon Blitz

First Leader of the Hungarians, killed in the Battle of Caleb’s Point




Born             : 0 AC
Died             : 489 AC (aged 489)
Gender           : Male
Height           : 5'11''
Weight           : 286 lb.
Alignment        : Chaotic Neutral
Deity            : Hat

Skin/Exoskeleton : Brown
Eyes             : Green
Hair             : N/A

Occupation       : First leader of the Aries Hive

Spouse           : Kira Blitz   (F)(D)( 15-198, aged 183)
Children         : Allora Blitz (F)(D)(160-354, aged 194)
                   Elena Blitz  (F)(A)(160-490, age  330)
                   Zak Blitz    (M)(D)(198-295, aged  97)
Parents          : UNKNOWN

Rydon Blitz was born 0 AC around the region that is now known as the Aries Hive. When he was 15
he developed a system to mold Hungarian exoskeletons and trash together to create a hive like
structure to house Hungarian larva to protect them from predators. In 48 AC he was married to
Kira Blitz and after 12 years of trying she gave birth to twins Allora and Elana. In 198 AC Kira
passed away while giving birth to her son Zak.

Rydon was killed in 489 AC during the Battle of Caleb's Point. With no successor Phoenix Omega
was voted the new leader of the Aries Hive. Currently Elena is the only surviving member of the
Blitz family. She remains in the Aries Hive to oversee Phoenix's decisions.

Rydon Blitz

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