Phoenix Omega

Current Leader of the Hungarians



Born             : 151 AC (age  339)
Gender           : Male
Height           : 6'6''
Weight           : 320 lb.
Alignment        : Chaotic Neutral
Deity            : Hat

Skin/Exoskeleton : Brown
Eyes             : Green
Hair             : N/A

Occupation       : Leader of the Aries Hive

Spouse           : Ariel Omega  (F)(A)(160-490, age  330)
Children         : Gary Omega   (M)(A)(183-490, age  307)
                   Taru Omega   (F)(A)(221-490, age  269)
Parents          : Lilith Omega (F)(D)(???-384, aged ???)
                   Oden Omega   (M)(D)(???-431, aged ???)

Phoenix was the first Hungarian born inside the Aries Hive. By this point the hive had advanced
from just a nursery and into a home. In 183 AC Phoenix married his childhood sweetheart Ariel and
their first son Gary followed shortly after. Having pursued a medical career his whole life he
was called upon to be a medic in 489 AC for the Battle of Caleb's Point. When it was all said and
done the Hungarian leader, Rydon Blitz, was dead and Phoenix was voted the successor to Rydon.
His current role is to protect the Aries Hive and keep it's people safe.

Phoenix Omega

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