Kuloamek Kinless Thunukilathi

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
HP: 44
AC: 31 = 10 + 1 dex + 9 armor + 5 shield + 5 natural + 1 dodge`

Ability Scores:
Str: 30
Dex: 13
Con: 18
Int: 14
Wis: 10
Cha: 12

Special Traits:
Darkvision 60 ft.
Immunity to Fire
Low-light vision
Natural armor +4
Immunity to sleep and paralysis
Breath Weapon: Cone of fire (6d8) 1/day
Natural Weapons: bite (1d6) 2 claws (1d4)
Powerful Build
Mountain Movement

Fort: 9
 Ref: 2
Will: -2

BAB: +4

Weak Will


Power Attack
Exotic Weapon Proficiency(Bastard Sword)
Heavy Lithoderms
Intimidating Prowess
Great Cleave

Shades of Grey

Morality 2 His sense of right and wrong is a bit skewed, but he does what he likes, for better or worse

Order 2 He sees most laws as bothersome and tedious to abide by, but he follows most of them just to make his life less complicated

Altruism 0 The only time he’ll actually give anyone anything is if he can find some way to benefit from it.

Concern 1 Those who can’t help themselves don’t deserve much. Only the strong will prosper.

Courage 4 He won’t risk anything without some kind of gain, but he will risk everything if something he likes is in trouble or he wants something.

Loyalty 2 He finds traveling with people to be annoying, but necessary if he wants to survive.

Outlook 1 Very little in this world is right in his eyes and any form of charity given is met with suspicion and hostility.

Curiousity 5 He loves to travel (preferably alone, but always with people), and if he doesn’t know what something is, he’ll generally mess with it.

Trust 0 He trusts one person and that’s only because he has known her so long. Anyone he meets is always under scrutiny, and he’s really to deal with them should they become a threat to him.

Kuloamek Kinless Thunukilathi

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