Ihado Ill Dalumelta


HP: 38


Weapons: Rapier hit: 9, 5, 1d6+4

Sword(short) hit: 9,5, 1d6+4

Reflex: 9

Fortitude: 1

Will: 1

Base Attack: 3

Initiative: 5

Feats: armor Proficiency(light), Double Slice, Toughness, Two-woman Fighting, Weapon Finesse, Simple weapon Proficiency

Special Qualities: Eleven Immunities, Elven Magic, Evasion, Keen Senses, Resiliency, Trap-finding, Trap Sense, Uncanny dodge, Weapon Familiarity

Special Attacks: Sneak attack 2d6

Languages: Evlen, Sylvan


Gender: Female

Age: 128

Eyes: Ice Blue

Hair: Light blue

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Hight: 5’5”

Weight: 110 lbs

Shades of Gray
Morality 4

Order 2

altruism 1

concern 1

Courage 4

Loyalty 3

Outlook 2

Curiousity 6

trust 3

Ihado was born and raised in the city of Merith. When she was young her parents her father was part of the black-guard. He was a general and often took her with him to his base. Ihado’s mother was a tax collector in the Coins guild where Idaho met a lot of high end people in the guild. In her childhood she had lots of wealth due to what her parents did. She lived in the high end of Merith in a mansion. As she grew up she felt like money gave her worth. Ihado was little when she found a small vampiric wolf. She took him in and named it Miko. She became best friends with her wolf and took him everywhere with her.

Her father thought her how to be a rogue and all the skills need to join the guard. Ihado’s father then went off to war where he died in a riot where he was bashed in the back of the head by a civilian. After Her father died Ihado Decided to join the Black-Guard where she became a Colonel. There she became friends with the human Colonel Lenious Mashine. He was a high General where he controlled a large amount of soldiers. She also met with half-dragon named Kuloamek Medowchild. She made friends with him. When she joined she took her place the army and moved up in rank thanks to her friend from childhood. She know the head of the Black-guard. His name was Esper Lyklor. In a small riot where the head was she saved his life by pushing him away from an armed Hungarian (Awry). There he he said he would help her with anything she needed. She never really asked him for anything while in the guard but made sure to keep in touch with him when she was away.

After a 70 years in the Black-guard. After getting out of the black-Guard she got bored, and retired with honor. Her mother suggested becoming part of the guild of coins. But she did not want such a boring job. She thought about contacting one of her friends that her mother knew. He was a shady character that was in a small business that she did not know about. His name was Judith Shando. She never knew what he did but as she contacted him he told her what the do. About taking gold form others. She became a ‘thief’ from there on out and took from others. Ihado began to loose herself in all the husal and busal of the city and wanted to find out what her real race was about. She lost contact with them and searched for them to find out more about what they where. She didn’t want to stay in the city so she began to travel and go to the pride lands where she found the elves. She stayed with them for 2 years and learn about them and who they where and what they did. As Ihado learned how they are one with the earth. She felt torn between the good and evil but she still craved more gold and treasures so she traveled more and stole more.

Ihado began to really think about her life after coming back home to Merith. She found more of her roots and began to notice the earth and its movements more. She felt more connected to the earth and more aware of others and there auras. After taking 15 years off in the pride-lands she came back to Merith. She found out her mother finally died. Ihado morned for a couple days and got her belongings and her parents. She now has a permeant home to come to in the city. After her parents died she began to search for treasures that where unique and rare.

Ihado Ill Dalumelta

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