Human Cleric


Str….......10 Hp: 37 Hit: +3 Dmg: 1d6 Dex….......10 Ac: 10 Con….......14 Fortitude:.....+6 Int….......13 Reflex:........+3 Wis….......20 Will:..........+11 Cha….......14


Once a farmer as his father before him, Jedidiah took over the family farm content to continue the common lifestyle. Shortly after he inherited the land, the surrounding area suffered a sudden and severe crop failure. Concerned that he somehow was the cause of this misfortune, he looked to legend for an answer. Ancient lore led him to the Shield Tree. Although he couldn’t tell how much was ancient history concerning the origin of this tree and how much was myth tacked on throughout the generations, he petitioned the High Council to pray at the tree. “What powers once defended this land, what powers may still be left, remove this curse and heal this land.” was all Jedidiah could think to say. Suddenly with a feeling of hope, he returned home. Three days later, he awoke as a strange and beautiful figure hovered above him. “The powers hear your plea.” That morning all the fields were filled with fresh saplings. Inspired by this answer to his prayer, he sold his fields except for what he needed to support himself, dedicated himself to the call of the mists and became the area cleric. Word spread quickly of the miraculous healing of the land and soon Jedidiah was called to villages around Locca for a variety of issues, ranging from village arguments to brigands. Eventually word reached the city of Locca, the elders recalled when Jedidiah first asked to pray to the Shield tree. Messengers arrived at his house offering him a place in the city where he could further expand his knowledge and power.


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